Mahesh Rajani

As a hands-on founder at Iono, I help organizations get 3 outcomes.

  • Get the best out of your VMware platform – Setup IaaS, vRealize automation and upgrades
  • Move from On Prem IT to a hybrid cloud environment with zero business impact.
  • Implement world-class DevOps to accelerate product development on the cloud

Mahesh Rajani

  • +123 (4567) 890

With 200 plus hybrid cloud and VMware projects done in the last 4 years, Iono is a ‘recommended’ implementation partner at VMware.

*Who needs Iono*

  • If you have chosen VMware and looking for expertise to automate your infrastructure provisioning, Iono can help. This includes health checks, upgrades, implementing vRealize and SDDC.
  • SaaS startup looking to set the gold standard in DevOps automation, Iono can deliver a 5X improvement in your release velocity. Having delivered 12 projects in 2018 and managing 600+ server deployments daily, you have a proven partner in Iono.
  • If you are a mid-sized enterprise needing to embrace Cloud, Iono can help. Be it moving to the hybrid cloud or simply getting a private cloud, Iono rapidly delivers on your infrastructure road map. With 200+ hybrid cloud and IaaS projects under our belt, you are in safe hands.

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