Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop & VDI

Iono’s Virtual Desktop & VDI architecture provide with Product Solutions-in-a-Box for on-prem deployment (CapEx) or partners’ hosted VDI SaaS deployment (OpEx) consumed on a need-to-scale basis for Small (<500 concurrent users), Medium (1,000 to 5,000 concurrent users) and Large (5,000 concurrent users).

Key Benefits

Frictionless Access to Any App

- One place for all business apps
- One-touch mobile single sign-on
- Easy multi-factor authentication
- Privacy, with users' personal apps and data invisible to IT

Simple, Secure & Scalable

- Enterprise secure experience
- Simple self-service onboarding
- Designed for Small, Medium & Large environment

Business Benefits

- Reduce time to productivity of new apps from months to days
- Increase on employee job satisfaction with rapid onboarding
- Solutions can be CapEx VDI in a Box or OpEx VDI SaaS Model

IT Benefits

- Eliminate app provisioning and password-related help-desk tickets
- Reduce of IT support operation cost

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