Quick IT – Hybrid Cloud

Quick IT – Hybrid Cloud

Iono Quick IT solution empowers IT to accelerate the delivery and ongoing management of infrastructure, application and custom services while improving overall IT efficiency.

Intelligent operations, policy-based automation, governance, and logical application modeling assures that multi-vendor, multi-cloud services are delivered at the right size and service level through a self-service portal.

Full lifecycle management assures resources are maintained at peak operating efficiency. Quick IT turns IT into business enablers.

Iono Quick IT is based on VMware Validated Design for SDDC and a VMware Certified Partner Architecture – which designates that Iono has proven they have followed the VMware design and best practices in planning, deploying and validating the solution – certified by VMware.


Key Benefits


Automate IT service delivery (applications, infrastructure, desktops and any IT service) to rapidly respond to business needs.


Personalized, business-relevant policies enforce application deployment standards, resource quotas and service levels.


Protect investments in current and future technologies through broad multi-vendor, multi-cloud support and extensible solution.


Improve IT service delivery while lowering costs.

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