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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop & VDI Iono’s Virtual Desktop & VDI architecture provide with Product Solutions-in-a-Box for on-prem deployment (CapEx) or partners’ hosted VDI SaaS deployment (OpEx) consumed on a need-to-scale basis for Small (<500 concurrent users), Medium (1,000 to 5,000 concurrent users) and Large (5,000 concurrent users). Key Benefits Frictionless Access to Any App – One […]
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Security & Threat Management

Security & Threat Management Iono Security and Threat Management solution now empowers IT to secure the delivery of applications, processes, and custom services while improving overall IT efficiency. Intelligent threat detection and policy-based connectivity governance assure that multi-vendor, multi-cloud services are delivered securely. Real-time threat detection allows threats to be detected and contained quickly, thus, […]
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Automation & DevOps

Automation & DevOps

Automation & DevOps Iono Automation and Integration solution increases the velocity of workload delivery and robustness of such delivery while maintaining the compliance, governance and security models defined by the enterprise. Iono solution works with existing DevOps workflows already in place, integrating with Iono’s pre-built workflows, bridging any gaps with custom built tools, or custom […]
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Quick IT – Hybrid Cloud

Quick IT – Hybrid Cloud Iono Quick IT solution empowers IT to accelerate the delivery and ongoing management of infrastructure, application and custom services while improving overall IT efficiency. Intelligent operations, policy-based automation, governance, and logical application modeling assures that multi-vendor, multi-cloud services are delivered at the right size and service level through a self-service […]
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