Iono SafeSpaces™ for: Exhibitions & Convention and Enterprises Real Estates

New Technology.
Adapting to the Workplace and Conventions of the Future. 
As the workplace of the future evolves, altered by remote work and return-to-workplace realities, Employee experiences, workplace culture, work/life balance, team collaboration, and other human factors will intersect with AI and other disruptive technologies to facilitate dramatic changes. 

Iono SafeSpaces provides a safe return to business interactions in the office and at conventions mitigating post-pandemic Health & Safety protocols.  Iono SafeSpaces is leveraging AI and IoT for an in-person face-to-face, hybrid, or virtual optimized collaboration environment.

A new normal in doing business leverage Iono SafeSpaces™!

Exhibitions & Conventions

Areas of content include:
  • Protocols for Health & Safety Operations
  • Communication, Education, & Awareness via Digital Signage
  • Exhibition & Event Operations Metrics
  • Convention Centre/Venue Cleaning Prevention Measures
  • Organizers, Exhibitors and Attendees Traffic Heat Map
  • COVID-19 testing options and operational considerations
  • Legal considerations for attendee and employee vaccines and testing compliances
  • Risk assessment dashboard in determining risk level and mitigation measures.
  • Return On Investment (ROI) and Return On Objectives (ROO) from Analytics Dashboard for Organizers, Exhibitors and Attendees.

Offices and Enterprise Real Estates

Areas of content include:
  • Safety and Health Protocol for post-covid normalization
  • Reconstruct how work is done
  • Redesign the workplace to support organization priorities
  • As employers around the world experiment with bringing their employees back to offices, the leadership must act now to ensure that when they return, workplaces are both productive and safe.
  • Productivity and Job Satisfaction based on Behavioral AI Vision Analysis.
  • Bring People to Work or Work to People:
    • Fully Remote
    • Completely back at the office
    • Hybrid model of office collaboration

Iono SafeSpaces™ For Hybrid Workspaces and Business Environment

Leveraging an ‘avatar’ you are at the office productively engaging and working with your colleagues. Back-to-work solution for the digital New normal! –  Computer Vision analytics, Location Bots, Contact Tracing, Asset Tracking and Workspace Analytics.

IoT and AI with Iono SafeSpaces™ for Convention Centers and Exhibitors.

Mitigating Covid-19 Challenges for the Exhibitions & Events Industries.

Real Estate & Enterprise Businesses

Harness location information with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to understand user behavior, automate business processes, and enhance end-user experiences. 

Spatial Analytics

Kloudspot provides space management analytics and metrics using IoT sensors to detect presence, dwell times and traffic patterns, occupancy, heat maps.

Smart Digital Displays

Mashup Corporate news, HR recruitment, IT applications, Collaboration tools, broadcast notifications and alerts, Advertisements, Wi-Fi and Camera awareness.

Asset Tracking

Geo Fencing, real-time tracking.

Operational Efficiency and Optimization

Gain insights into employee interactions, resource utilization and space optimization. Real-time Navigate features to employee and locations.

IT & Collaboration Solutions

Zoom, WebEx, Tableau, Kibana, ServiceNow and Salesforce integration over digital displays for real-time engagement.

Environment Wellbeing

Temperature - Humidity - CO2 - Fine Dust - Ambient Light
- Ambient Noise - TVOCs

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