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Iono Zeno VDITM Solutions for SMBs, Mid-Market Enterprises and Enterprises are designed for a secure, robust and scalable deployment.  In light of the latest Covid19 challenges, the consumerization of VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) has been accelerated with new consumption demand all over the world.  Iono is poised to deliver enterprise class solution(s) in partnership with tested architecture such as Horizon from VMware coupled with global Cloud Solution Infrastructure such as Zenlayer, AWS and Azure.

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Iono Quick IT™ deploys IaaS and PaaS environments faster by several orders of magnitude.

Customers can drive value from their infrastructure sooner and see a quicker return on investment.

Iono can provision infrastructure to suit Customers’ needs with CAPEX or OPEX model to fit any IT spend. 

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Iono Quick Apply™ brings components of the IT infrastructure in a coordinated fashion with over 150+ pre-built integrations. This allows customers to focus on their business goals rather than on IT development.

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