Iono AI VarsityAdmin™

Iono AI VarsityAdmin™


Iono AI VarsityAdmin™ is an AI powered Product Solution by Iono, Inc. providing the University or College with the ability to supply high touch personalized interactions to prospective students, enrolled students and alumni. VarsityAdmin™ guides the student’s journey from Interest to Enrolment to Matriculation to Graduation to Post Graduate Studies and Alumni Status.

Iono AI VarsityAdmin™ is an Integrated Approach to Human and Virtual Agents Improving Students’ Experience and Operational Performance.


Iono AI VarsityAdmin™

Students' Experience.

Some of the key areas of values for Iono AI VarsityAdmin™ : 1. Eliminate Wait or Hold Times.
2. Reduce Missed Interactions and Abandonment Rates.
3. Shorten Average Interactions Handling Time (AHT).
4. Increase Accuracy and Consistency of Responses.
5. Enhance Customer Experience and Retention.
6. Personalized Multi-lingual capabilities.

In the face of rising complexity in managing students interactions across multiple and ever-changing digital channels and meeting more demanding expectations for convenience, speed, and ease.

Institutions' Benefits.

1. Augment Human Administrative capacity with VarsityAdmin™ AI assist by a factor of 2X to 2.5X in productivity gain.
2. Resolve mundane tasks with VarsityAdmin™ and escalate tasks that require Human Administrative touch.
3. Drastically reduce the cost per Service Request(SRs) with VarsityAdmin™.
4. Provide Human Agents with focus on Service Requests (SRs) that demand a human touch and emotional intelligence.
5. VarsityAdmin™ transform how the institutions deliver their services and strive for superior customer experience.

Technology Platform.

1. The Student's Journey to Alumni Status.
2. Demystifying the Institution vast array of resources for admission qualifications.
3. Provide with an optimized Guiding Path from Qualifications to Matriculation to Graduation to Post Graduate Status to Alumni Status.
4. VarsityAdmin™ will provide with Foresight on optimized academic, financial and aptitude for best success path.
5. Multi-lingual & cultural sensitivity capabilities.

Institutions' Benefits.

1. Chat Bot AI on Multi-channel access.
2. Voice AI for ease of interaction.
3. Natural Language Processing with Conversation AI to deliver ease of interactions.
4. Business Process Management capabilities integration with latest CRM, ERP, HCMS and SCM.
5. Computer Vision capabilities for OCR, Object Recognition and Facial Recognition.
6. Robotic Process Automation for rapid QnA, FAQ training and deployment.
7. On-premise and public cloud solutions deployment.

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