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Iono AI VarsityAdmin™ is an AI powered Product Solution by Iono, Inc. providing the University or College with the ability to supply high touch personalized interactions to prospective students, enrolled students and alumni.
VarsityAdmin™ guides the student's journey from Interest to Enrolment to Matriculation to Graduation to Post Graduate Studies and Alumni Status.


Around the world, public and private institutions and corporate entities are seeking new ways to improve governance, solve public problems, and better represent their constituents. Campaign™ is designed for multi-channel outreach with outbound/inbound response to sentiments, feedback and surveys against large data set for insights.


Iono AI Assistant™ creates customer service to customer experience and lowers call or live chat volumes, reducing average agent handling times and missed chats, and making agents more productive with overall customer experience improvement.
Furthermore, Assistant™ can acts as your executive virtual assistant managing your tasks with efficient time management coupled with Voice AI.


SmartDesk™ provides benefits of AI for the help desk and overall IT support function. SmartDesk™ can remove the manual overhead associated with high-volume, low-value service desk activities. Enhancing the accuracy and time to resolution of complex technical support. SmartDesk™ is an adaptive learning AI agent with enhance features to the more familiar IT automation of repetitive tasks that allow people to be freed up to focus on higher value-add activities.

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